Thinking about Politics

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Are you alive? If so, politics saddle you but you have power. Power and politics partner, all the time. They are inseparable. Your challenge is to find optimal outcomes.

What do you want your relationships with others to be? How carefully do you think about all your relationships, your places in the several communities in which you live: family, work, play, public services, international? How effectively do you use the resources you command? How powerful are you? How powerful are your communities: home, neighborhood, legal jurisdictions -- including the global community?

When I sound off or coach or analyze in a blog here, these questions drive me. They affect how I see relationships around me. Together with my lifetime of research and experience they shape what I perceive as problems in my communities – from family to the globe -- and how I weigh options for action to cope with these problems. My understandings will not fit your understandings fully. Sleeves of my analytical garment may hang long on you; your tummy may protrude; the fabric may scratch. But between us we may tailor an acceptable garment – through politics.