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Given the divisive impact of negative politics, Dr. Ken and Kay Wise write to share ways we can mend civil society by using the strategy and tactics of politics with integrity and honor. Here is our creed. The Positive Politics Creed

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Kenneth L. (Doc) Wise

Earned his Ph.D. in International Relations from American U., School of International Service. Taught Political Science and IR at Creighton U., leading teams to Model United Nations conferences across the globe. Consulted for NATO HQ (Brussels), the Atlantic Council of USA, the Council on Foreign Relations, and other think tanks. Directed Public Policy for B'huth in Dubai (now named Dubai Public Policy Research Center). Conferred several times with officials and scholars in Europe, USSR/Russia, the Middle East, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, and China.

Email Ken@TheWiseChoice.com or DM on Twitter @DocWise. Ken responds to current events questions regarding international politics and national security policy. He concentrates on issues of political power, international law, international organizations, citizenship, and authority.

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Kay A. Wise

A sometime artist, Kay earned her M.A. then worked as a research associate in artificial intelligence building a semantic network for the health sciences in 1970s, designed and implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning system in 1980s, managed software engineers in 1990s, studied to be an artist, then designed and implemented information systems for b'huth in Dubai.

Email Kay@TheWiseChoice.com or DM on Twitter @Kay_wise. Kay responds to questions on team building, office politics, communication, and organizational processes.

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